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Throughout the years, UNFPA Kosovo has supported a number of population and development-related policy documents, researches, analysis, and surveys such as Law on Reproductive Health, Mother, Child, Adolescent and Reproductive Health Strategy, HIV/AIDS Strategy, Demographic, Social and Reproductive Health Survey in Kosovo, reports on Causes of Death and Death Registration in Kosovo, Exploratory Research on the Extent of Gender-Based Violence in Kosovo and its Impact on Women’s Reproductive Health, and many others.
As nations are experiencing changes in population dynamics, there is a need for comprehensive response to such trends through implementation of adequate and evidence-based policies and strategies. Kosovo has one of the youngest populations in Europe, but considered as an asset only if adequate actions and policies are enforced. Therefore, through research, gathering and dissemination of population data, UNFPA advocates for and supports preparation and implementation of population strategies into national planning and policy development.
The 7 Billion Actions Global campaign organized in 2011, bringing together key local and international stakeholders, raised awareness on challenges and opportunities of population trends in Kosovo and globally, and mainly, advocated for their implementation within key stakeholders.