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World Population Day has been marked in Kosovo through different activities. TV programs were arranged for the World Population Day dedicated to this years’ topic “Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies”, including discussion about civil registration, family planning and other issues related to population in general.

In addition the following activities were implemented through UNFPA implementing partner NGO ‘Artpolis’:

  1. Training of 10 Youth from Albanian and RAE communities on Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings using the YPEER Manual for Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings (8,9 July, 2015)
  2. Open Community information sessions with Albanian and RAE communities during 11-13 July, 2015 in Prishtina, Obilic and F.Kosova, where the trained Youth shared their gained knowledge about humanitarian settings with their communities.
  3. Presentation of the Youth Performance (11-13 July, 2015) focused on consequences of Illegal migration, considering the latest massive illegal migrations of Kosovars during 2014-2015. The performance aimed to raise the knowledge and initiated discussions about the consequences of Illegal migration on families, especially on women and children.