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Today, we were glad to witness a great field exercise on “Minimum Initial Service Package - MISP 2019” for Sexual and Reproductive Health - SRH in cases of disasters or crises.

The exercise was organized by Red Cross of Kosova with the support of UNFPA Kosovo in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Agency for Emergency Management.

Aiming to coordinate the relevant institutions for reaction based on the MISP package in cases of disasters or crises, this exercise gathered trainees from Family Health Centers of 7 municipalities in Kosovo namely, Prishtina, Ferizaj, Gjilan, Mitrovica, Kamenica, Podujeva and Fushe Kosova.

Part of the exercise were also Red Cross volunteers who showcased a stunning performance by playing the role of victims in 6 different situations (rapes, premature births, lost family members, stabbings etc.) that almost convinced participants that this was a real life emergency.

The exercise concluded with a joint “Hot discussion" among all stakeholders addressing the pros and cons of the whole process.