Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

7 February 2013

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week on 21-25 January 2013 is an European wide event, which aims to increase awareness of population on cervical cancer screening. Theme of this year is “Cervical cancer can be prevented”

For the first time, cervical cancer prevention week was marked in Kosovo through UNFPA support to KOGA (Kosovo Association of Gynecology/Obstetricians), Ministry of Health and National Institute of Public Health. Awareness raising activities included participation of relevant stakeholders in mass media and distribution of two brochures on “Cervical cancer screening” and “Follow-up and treatment of an abnormal cervical smear “(16,000 copies each) with daily newspaper “Koha Ditore” .

A round table on marking “Cervical cancer prevention” was a main event of the week, with participation of key stakeholders, including Minister of Health and high level health professionals in the field. Main issues raised were a lack of data on cancer prevalence and incidence, a lack of awareness at community level and a lack of quality and availability of existing screening services/programmes.